Jan. 18th, 2012

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Every day, without fail, the bunny somehow manages to take a hyper pill at the most inconvenient hour in the morning, jumping from one side of his ~6ft long cage to the other with the greatest velocity he can muster given the tiny space. And after jumping back and forth a few times, slamming himself into the sides of the cage for good measure, he ambles over to the edge closest to me and puts his paws up on the bars, staring straight at me with impassive yet somehow heart-wrenching bunny-eyes.

And so I let him out. Thinking, the greater space will be more convenient and comfortable if he's going to be dashing around and doing flips. And yet once outside, all he does the entire time is try to stealth his way into forbidden places, usually chewing on everything prohibited (table legs, couch, cardboard boxes, etc) along the way. No running, no jumping, no taking advantage of the time outside to do acrobatics without obligatory face-planting. Or maybe he's taking *too* much advantage of it from his perspective, I don't know.

So after about 30-45 minutes of chasing his teeth away from the upholstery, I realize that no, he's not actually going to behave and exercise. So I put him back. And within moments, the jumping and slamming commences once again. And the bunny-eyes. But I know it's all a trap and don't give in. The annoying part is that that means that he doesn't stop for awhile, and his jumping makes a huge commotion that agitates the guinea pigs and wakes everyone who happens to be sleeping in the whole house. It usually ends a few minutes later, when bunny gets tired and/or realizes that success in his brilliant plan twice in one night is kind of pushing it.

Have I mentioned this happens EVERY NIGHT? Yeah. Every night I think it will be different, but it never is. For all I know, he actually *prefers* getting exercise in his cage. And he loves trolling me. That one's for certain.

*rolls eyes*


Jan. 18th, 2012 06:02 am
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Te regalo mi orden, mi desorden
te regalo mi norte mi horizonte
mi filosofĂ­a, mis historias, mi memoria...


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