Jan. 20th, 2012

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Second linkpost in a row, but. This is an interactive map of the numbers of deaths in each state of Mexico due to drug violence in the last year. EVERY single state has experienced violence. The Yucat√°n has experienced the least, with one death noted on the map. But these are just the cifras oficiales--what the government is willing to publish and own up to, based on the deaths that they *know about*. The actual body count is surely much more. When *government sources* are saying that nearly 13,000 people died, you know that things are bad.

I can't stop crying. So many of these are innocent people. And I can't believe that the Mexican government continues to ramp up the drug war, when clearly they haven't found an effective answer. I hope the new sexenio (presidential term) is better, with more realistic approaches to all this.

And, please, if you are thinking of buying or using illegal drugs (or have the habit of doing so), think of Mexico. This would not be happening if not for the outrageous drug demand in the US. Think about where your supplies come from and if you ABSOLUTELY need to buy contraband, try to be savvy about where it comes from. When it comes to certain drugs, they don't necessarily need to come from south of the border.

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