Mar. 1st, 2012

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Today was a good day. In spite of not being the healthiest day, the people in my life went out of their way to make it a really special time for me, and I'm so, so grateful for that. :) I love all of you. And you, too. <3

I didn't end up going to sleep until around 9 in the morning, since the previous night I stayed up chilling with my roommate (1AM McDonalds runs go!), and reading El Universal. Sleep between 6.30 (when Andres wakes up) and ~7.55 (when Andres leaves for work) is pretty much impossible on any day, because I can't sleep very well over the sound of the shower and I usually decide to stay up and hang out with him for the remaining 30-40 minutes he has at home and help him prepare his lunch and stuff anyway.

So the day started around 2.30 when I dragged myself out of bed. xD Whoops. At which point I proceeded chores?

Things got a bit more interesting after Andres got home. We went out to dinner at Sauce, my favorite pizza place (the only place where I would actually choose to order pizza over anything else...thin crust, delicious cheese, awesome veggies...mmmm...), and then he took me to get a bubble tea afterwards. /o\ I feel so pampered!

A few hours later we went to Fry's in search of my holy grail--Boston Creme Pie, ~3,000 miles from Boston. I know I've looked for it in Tucson before and been disappointed (not that I could help trying again...), and I was so happy to discover it this time that I almost cried. xD It really was the best thing I could have asked for! My birthday miracle? Yes please. The cake wasn't the right consistency and there was way too much chocolate frosting on it, but they tried. I don't even care, actually, I'm just so happy I found something along the right lines. :) <3 Nom nom cake~! <3

All in all, it was a productive, happy day, with just the right amount of special mixed in. <3 Andres really treated me like a queen, I'm so happy to have him by my side, even though things are hard.

The only thing keeping the day from being truly perfect arose actually only a little while ago, when Chipo and Piño began fighting. It's looking bad--this is the way that Chipo and Kage started fighting before we had to separate them forever--and I've tried everything I can think of to try to appease them. I added extra hay after they'd already gotten fresh hay today, and I gave them both carrots (the most coveted of all coveted treats!) and they ate happily side by side... But, after a few moments, they went back to fighting and squealing again. Finally, I grabbed Chipo out of the cage held him firmly still, hoping to assert my humanly dominance and scare him out of his desire to fight. I know the conflict is ultimately his fault...he doesn't get along with Kage, obviously, and he was quite mean towards Melo on the one occasion we introduced them...I can see Piño running away from him and he consistently being the one to instigate violence and press the issue. It makes me *so angry*. Pinche Chipo culero por qué tienes que andar de cabrón y arruinar todo para todos?? Con una re. chin. ga. da. (<-- lol taking out my frustration with All The Spanish Profanity). By the time I returned Chipo to the cage Piño had already curled up inside one of the pigloos, and things are quiet now because they have yet to encounter eachother again. I really hope they get over whatever little snag they're having, because I'm kind of scared to go to bed now and wake up to find that my babies have torn eachother apart :S

I guess if I have to stay up, I could use the time to answer all my bazillion texts and Facebook messages from all my wonderful friends as well as from people I barely know, if at all. xD Hrm. Or, I might just put that off til tomorrow anyway. >.>;;; Heh.

EDIT: Ugh, they're still at it. Thus Chipo gets to sleep in the doghouse tonight (aka, the pet carrier with a little water bottle strapped to it). Hopefully sleeping on a pile of half-fleece half food and barely having space to walk will mellow him out...but it probably won't. -_- I don't want to think about dealing with tomorrow right now.

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