Apr. 30th, 2012

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I'm mostly posting this for [livejournal.com profile] diosa_iluminada, jeje. A story in the tradition of biblioteca/librería. ;)

Last night, Andres said he was going to clear off the coffee table so we could paint miniatures.

My laptop was right there in the middle of everything, so I asked him, "quieres que guarde mi computadora?" (do you want me to put my computer away?)

And he said, "no, porque vamos a hacer la aplicación primero" (no, because we're going to do the 'application' first).

So, let me say, in Spanish, "aplicación" means "application", but only in the sense of applying something to something else. Since my mindset was on painting, I interpreted this as "the application of a coat of paint".

So I thought he was saying, "don't put your computer away so we can paint, cause we're going to apply a coat first". Ummmm...okay, not sure I follow??

He repeated it 2-3 more times and laughed at me for being so dense before he finally realized what word he SHOULD have been using: solicitud.

Cause, what he was TRYING to say is that we were going to fill out the application for a lease on a new house before we started painting. Which, the application is online, so we'd need my computer for that. "vamos a hacer la solicitud primero". Magic! It all makes sense.

The moral of this story: Spanglish can be a serious threat to communication, kids. Employ it with care. xD

*Disclaimer: I LOVE Spanglish, but cases like these just make me laugh.

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