Apr. 3rd, 2006 06:03 pm
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So I need to make an entry right now to preserve how happy I am FOREVER.

First of all, I stayed home from school, since dizzy spells are awesome like that. BUT I'm sooo much better now and bouncy and and and and HYPER.

Okayso. Why am I so happy? Since my friends are the greatest.

I totally addicted Carol to Star Trek. I think. First sleepover in forevar, and it was awesome. <33 We have to do it again next weekend; you KNOW IT.

Katie invited me to see a special movie with her, and yet totally didn't pressure me into sticking through with the terrible balance this day has awarded me. Where did I get such amazing friends?

Uhhhh speaking of amazing friends--Anna Hessenbruch, with a kind gesture for my benefit, has made me feel special beyond words. The world needs more simple acts that carry such meaning like that. Oh, and she's patient about me learning Danish even though I'm halfassed about it. Jeg føler meget sælig! I'll remember at least that sentence forever. :D :D

But even that wasn't the best part. I was busy being all happy and hyper and elated when mom's cellphone started ringing. Mom was napping or something--and so I ran to catch the call, and found that the call was for ME. On my MOM's cell phone. That's because it was a call from KAII. We haven't talked in so long that the only number she had was my mom's phone. And I just happened to get it. IT WAS SO TRIPPY AND WONDERFUL AND AMAZING. I'd forgotten how much I adore talking to her. She was in Los Angeles and had forgone school to try to get a ticket to the ONE showing of Advent Children in the nation. I don't know why they're having just one; it seems totally random--but there you are. She didn't manage to get a ticket, but she said the line was somewhat like an FF con. Only...in line. And in the rain.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so happy right now. It's sort of making my dizziness worse but I DON'T CARE.

And I think I'm a little too hyper to type more right now. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~

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