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dflkjfljdfs. No sleeping for Rachel..again. Apparently. Sadly, El Universal videos aren't working for me (again...), I'm too burnt out to read anything and absorb it, and my hands are DEFINITELY too shaky for painting, so...

Meme! Bwaha. Stolen from [ profile] jetaimerai, only from Tumblr, heh.

You are in high school.
You dropped out of high school.
You graduated within the last 5 years. (from college!)
You live on your own.
You live within 20 minutes of your best friend.
You live within 20 minutes of the last person you kissed.
You live within 20 minutes of your ex.
You have hugged someone in the last 48 hours.
You have been to the movies within the last week.
You have had 3 or more boyfriends/girlfriends just this year.
You have been a designated driver.
You have broken merchandise and not paid for it. (do cups at restaurants count? if so, yeah.)
You have played strip poker.
You are Catholic.
You are atheist.
You recycle regularly.
You are a brunette.
You have dated a blonde.
You are friends with a redhead.
You are taller than your mum.
You have a bank account.
You’ve written a check for less than $5.
You have visited the Statue of Liberty.
You have visited the Eiffel Tower.
You have visited Big Ben.
You have visited the Colosseum.
You have visited The Great Wall of China.
You have never been out of the country.
You have been a waiter/waitress.
You own a Bible.
You own something with a Pentagram on it.
You have used a Ouija Board.
You have been a witch for Halloween.
You have been a zombie for Halloween.
You have been a Disney character for Halloween.
You don’t celebrate Halloween. (I haven't in years and years, anyway.)
You have your belly button pierced.
You have your tongue pierced.
You have your eyebrow pierced.
You have a Monroe piercing.
You have your nose pierced.
You have an ankle tattoo.
You have a wrist tattoo.
You have a back tattoo.
You have no tattoos.
You have more than 5 tattoos.
You straighten your hair.
You have worn a dress in the last 3 days. (Over jeans, but still.)
You live somewhere that gets snow. (Very rarely, but it happens. It snowed here on one day the winter before last. xD And the mountains around here get consistent snow, of course. :3 )
You celebrate Hanukkah.
You were at your own house last New Year’s.
You were at a bar last New Year’s.
You slept through last New Year’s.
You have worked on Christmas Eve.
You have worked on Christmas.
You have been told ‘I love you’ by someone today.
You were told by someone who’s not family.
You slept in your own bed last night. (didn't sleep Dx)
You are dating the last person you kissed.
You regret kissing the last person you kissed.
You enjoyed your last kiss.
You are wearing a necklace right now.
You are wearing something red.
You are wearing something blue.
You are wearing something purple.
Your phone number ends with an even number.
You have kissed the last person you called/texted.
You are currently listening to music.
You are waiting for something.
You don’t like seafood.
You have eaten deer sausage.
You have given a complete stranger your phone number.
You have been hit on at work.
You have been hit on by someone more than 20 years older than you.
You have been whistled at.
You were creeped out by it. (At first. It's pretty much a daily occurrence in Central America though so I got used to it...)
You are a good speller.
You are very punctual.
You were dating someone in December of 2008.
You are still dating that person.
You have cheated on someone.
You have been cheated on.
You have been on a cruise ship.
You have camped out in your own backyard.
You are wearing something that doesn’t belong to you.
You are a Pisces.
You are an Aquarius.
You are a Leo.
You are a Capricorn.
You have Irish heritage.
You have Polish heritage.
You have Japanese heritage.
You have Israeli heritage.
You have German heritage.
You have Portuguese heritage.
You have French heritage.
You have Norwegian heritage.
You have Korean heritage.
You were born in May.
You were born in June.
You were born in October.
You wonder what will happen when you die. (Except I'm pretty darn convinced that nothing will happen--or at least I really hope so--so anything beyond that is just wistful what-ifs, really.)
You are afraid of the dark. (I can creep myself out in any situation, seriously, the dark just makes it worse >>; )
You write in all capital letters.
You have had a song written for you.
You have been told you have nice handwriting.
You have had a picture drawn of you.
You have curly hair.
You are wearing a watch.
You are wearing flip flops.
You wouldn’t date someone who smoked.
You know someone with the same birthday as you. (They're 4 years older! :D )
You are a morning person.
You are a night owl.
You slept in past 10am today.
You have big plans for next weekend.
You are thinking of someone right now.
Your job is stressing you out.
You don’t have a job. (I perform all the duties of a child-free housewife but I'm not sure that counts.)
You have never had a job.
You were fired from your last job.
You know sign language.
You will usually try something at least once.
You have been swimming in the last month.
You are pessimistic by nature.
You have taken a ballet class.
You have taken karate.
You have taken gymnastics.
You wish on shooting stars.
You wish at 11:11. (No, but I love pointing it out! 12:34, 12:21, and 12:48 are also some of my favorite times to notice :D)
Your birthday has already come this year. (omg I can actually answer yes to this...this singularly convinced me to complete this meme actually xD)
You have been in a relationship that lasted longer than a year.
You ended your last relationship. (Except then we got back together 6 months later, sooo..?)
Your ex ended your last relationship.
You aren’t over your ex.
You have gone after someone you knew was bad for you.
You have let someone use you.
You are engaged.
You are married.
You are divorced.
You have a child.
You were/are a teenage mom.
You are an otaku. (Pretty much fully reformed, but--once an otaku always an otaku, yeah?)
You are a cosplayer.
You were named after someone.
You like your name.
Your last drink was water.
You have visited somewhere said to be ‘haunted’.
You have skipped school just because you didn’t feel like going.
You have taken medicine when you ‘feel a headache coming on’.
You are self-conscious about your body.
You have a hangover.
You have pet fish.
You have had a Jehovah’s Witness show up at your house.
You live on a farm.
You live in a trailer.
You live in Montana.
You live in South Carolina.
You live in Illinois.
You live in Maryland.
You live in New Mexico.
You have godparents.
Your parents are still married.
You have step-siblings.
You are the oldest.
You are adopted.
You have a twin.
You don’t want kids.
You want more than four kids.
You have a bad temper.
You have made out with a complete stranger.
You usually make the first move in an intimate situation.
You have worked with a Kayla.
You have gone to the movies with a Jared
You have hugged a Lexie.
You have held hands with a Marcus.
You have dated a Rachel. (lol, that'd be awkward-ish)
You have kissed a David.
You have ridden in a car with a Nicole.
You have had class with a Patrick.
You have gone out to eat with a Chloe.
You know a Kyle in the military.
You are related to a Julie.
You have gotten drunk with a Brent.
You can voice-act.
You have broken your arm.
You have had to get stitches on your face.
You have had an MRI.
Your fingernails are painted.
Your fingernails are painted black.
You like to read.
You like to cook.
You like to draw.
You like to sing.
You can play an instrument.
You keep a lot of secrets from people.
You don’t think people would accept you if they really got to know you. (Depends.)
You don’t trust people easily.
You borrowed something you really need to give back to someone. (this question makes me feel paranoid that I'm forgetting something 0___0)
You drive a car older than a 2002.
You have lost a friend you never thought you would.
You know a child who died of cancer.
You know a teenager who died in a car wreck.
You have done something illegal in the past 24 hours.
You have cut your hair in the last week.
You wear glasses.
You have been pulled over for speeding.
You love to drive with the windows down.
Your favourite season is Autumn.
Your favourite colour is orange.
Your favourite animal is a dolphin.
You last rode in a car with a relative.
You last rode in a car with a girl.
You last rode in a car with the person you are dating.
You regularly watch Asian dramas.
You love Chinese food.
Your best friend is older than you.
You have to go to school/work tomorrow.
You answered every question truthfully.

Date: 2012-03-16 03:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You've never skipped school for the hell of it?! No wonder you're so smart. I'm a habitual skipper lol

Date: 2012-03-16 03:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, in high school I was sick a lot and so I used up all my absences that I could have potentially used for skipping on staying home sick. xD In college I just couldn't make myself skip class because I normally took classes where class discussion was half the point and most of the learning and ideas were gained by going...and plus, I was just so painfully aware of how much each class costs. o.o; Idk, one time I did out the math, and even at my vaguely cheap public university that I got a considerable scholarship to, each class was still worth on average over $50 :S If I skipped class I felt like I was kind of throwing that money away. Maybe that's not a healthy way to look at it but, idk. xD

I'd be lying, though, if I didn't admit that my last semester I almost never went to lectures for a comp sci class I took. I didn't count that as skipping "for the hell of it" on this meme though, since I went to classes for the first half of the semester and then decided that I literally got more confused if I listened to that particular professor explaining things! And since attendance was optional, I decided I wasn't going to haul my ass to campus only to confuse myself on purpose when Andres could explain the same things to me easily and in a way I'd understand. xD That could have been my senioritis over-justifying it, though, I'm not sure. But yeah, that's the only class I ever missed for anything other than accidentally oversleeping or having a field trip for another class o.O; Which is kind of crazy, looking back on it now.

Date: 2012-03-16 10:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lol it's ok I can't blame you there.

Hey, did you ever finish Lituma en los Andes. I forget, I probably already asked you about it. I am finally on spring break and it crossed my mind but I don't know whether to continue with it or not since it scared me/disturbed me at some parts. I just picked up Relato de un naufrago by Garcia Marquez, I'll find out if I can tolerate this one or not lol

Date: 2012-03-17 05:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It's embarrassing, but I haven't finished it yet. o.o; I'm about halfway through, and I keep putting off finishing it since I have been reading it with a dictionary and therefore need to be by my computer in order to read. (which cuts down on opportunities)

If you were too disturbed by some parts I'd say maybe don't continue it, cause it's been nothing but creepy/disturbing/etc the whole way up to the point I'm at. >>;; And another book I read by MVLL ended up ending with really graphic torture and rape scenes, so I'm not suspecting this other one will randomly turn into a happy ending. It's your call, then. I wish I had finished it so I could advise more completely. :

Date: 2012-03-17 07:36 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No it's okay I totally understand. On one hand, I love reading in Spanish, on the other hand, I despise it cuz my concentration sucks and it's so annoying looking up so many words. It does take a lot of the pleasure out of it.

It's funny cuz MVLL is an Aries like me, and when I write, really, disturbing strange things tend to come out, yet when I read them it's freaky. lol I think Aries enjoy writing for shock factor. And also to get out their aggression on In *highschool* I did probably know about it but it's in November and if you sign up you have to write a short novel in a month and the goal is just to keep writing regardless if it sucks or not, and I did it for a creative writing class. I was only 17 and the entire novel was about rape, sex, torture, mutilation, drugs..I don't know where the heck my mind was since I was so innocent at the time. After my novel, the teacher decided to put restrictions on grafficness for the first time for the next year's students. WHOOPSEYS. lol

Date: 2012-03-16 07:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I can creep myself out in any situation, seriously, the dark just makes it worse

OMG, I'm the same! X'D

Date: 2012-03-17 05:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hahahaha win! xD I feel better to know I'm not the only one.

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