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Today has been magnificent. Just the way a birthday-only-not should be. I love my friends, even the ones who forgot, and I love my family, who also forgot.

I don't care who your friends are, my friends > your friends. They've proven this. Like in the cupcakes Giulia said she was going to make before technical difficulties struck. Like the gorgeous card Carol gave to me in anime club. Like the other gorgeous card, along with the beautiful calligraphy set (a trend in my life in recent times) that Katie placed in my lap at the SADD assembly. Like the smiles, and hugs, and cheery exclamations of "Happy Birthday" that make me feel special even though it isn't -really- my birthday. Like all the other things my friends do even on other days, leaving me feel cared for and supported and all the other things I accept with gratitude but don't really feel I deserve. So yeah. My friends > your friends. Unless you have the same friends I do. Then I just love you. Heck, I don't care who you are, I love you anyway!

When I got home, I noticed I had gotten a birthday card in the mail--this isn't anything unusual; usually I get hallmark birthday cards with a signature in them, maybe money if I'm lucky, but this one was different, and every bit as special as the personally drawn ones by my friends.

It was from Sensei. Somehow, she'd remembered I was turning 18, and sent me a letter that arrived perfectly on time, reflecting her impeccable approach to anything she strives for. The card was small, adorable, and Japanese, and I'm just beside myself with feelingspecialness. She is seriously the best Sensei ever; her card took me totally, entirely by surprise.

I think I'm going to scan the cards so you can see how awesome my friends are.

Pretty Cardthings <3 )

Anyway, yeah--enough of that awesomeness. Dad already promised that we could go anywhere -I- choose for dinner tonight (a novelty!), but I fear my homework load is such that I shant really enjoy the privelage too much. But that is okay. I can start my homework now; sure I can. >.>

Right after I listen to the song Roman sent'd me. *nod*

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