Apr. 23rd, 2012


Apr. 23rd, 2012 08:12 am
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This morning has been odd. I am completely on a nocturnal type schedule recently and can't seem to rectify this, so Matt and I have been hanging out a lot by night. At 5AM we ended up at McDonalds (I DO IT FOR THE HASH BROWNS, OKAY.), and I consumed two things that are almost certain to end badly for me, sickness-wise: well, hash browns, duh, and iced coffee. But afterwards I didn't just feel okay, I felt invigorated, and Matt invited me to go swimming with him at LA Fitness as he has a membership there. o.O; I was so so hesitant and reluctant but TEMPTED and he finally convinced me.

We did 300 yards in laps! And it felt GLORIOUS. :) I'm so glad I went. It was my first time swimming since the wedding in Texas last summer, and wow, I've missed it a lot. I think that part of the reason I've been so much worse/sicker this year versus last year is the lack of exercise, but it's also a Catch-22 because if I feel sicker then I'm obviously less capable of exercise or motivated to do it. But it's nice to catch a window of non-sick in which to actually do something physical and not IMMEDIATELY regret it. Good times.

It felt good to wear a bikini, too, in spite of the scratches all over me. xD

The only annoying thing is that even though I showered in the locker room, my hair is still kind of full of chlorine and nasty. But I think I'm just gonna say fuck it and go to bed. xD

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